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Art at My Ugliest Gallery

Here we are...

At My Ugliest Gallery we make your art unique and marketable.

Our website is friendly and it is divided into few pages, where you can publish your original painting or its lithograph and in addition, also have your own "Independent Artist 's space".

We bring contemporary artworks to everyone.

Image by Mark Timberlake
Image by Beata Ratuszniak

Share your painting duplicate

At My Ugliest Gallery all our artists can share their contact information and share their lithograph and/or keep with them the original canvas.

As easy as falling off!  

Share your original canvas are the owner of your creation and as a consequence you decide its destiny.

We are agent and with your mandate, we can show to the world your original canvas as a unique piece.

Image by Alice Dietrich


Image by Charles Deluvio

Together with you, we bring your artworks around the world.

Your creations will be displayed in different countries.

Your presence at the event will be highly appreciated.

You will not be alone. According to My Ugliest Gallery rules, your paintings will be showed in multiple locations together with other artists.

For more specific details, please send us an email to

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