Artist:  Belinda Hunt

Bird Song...A Conversation I

Limited edition signed print (run of 25) unframed 20 cms x 28 cms

"Bird Song.A Conversation I" Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Print (run of 25)

90,00 €Price
  • Bird Song...A Conversation II

    A conversation between the birds on each of the canvases on this diptych (available in the Prints section) addresses the re-possession by nature of the human environment. The works address each other playfully; purposefully on separate canvases. Gilt writing on captures phrases of poetry:

    ‘Grief learned in other orchards… I dance my hakka still; my song echoes your mute.

    Print Dimension: unframed 20 cms x 28 cms

    From the original canvas:

    • Type: Mixed Media
    • Medium: oil pastels, oil paint sticks, copper gilt on canvas
    • Each Canvas Unframed Dimensions (cms): h: 40 w: 30 d: 2