Artist:  Belinda Hunt

Bumblebee in Revelry

Limited edition signed print (run of 25) unframed 20 cms x 28 cms

"Bumblebee in Revelry" Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Print (run of 25)

90,00 €Price
  • Bumblebee in Revelry (canvas)

    The bumblebee is a sacred and ancient symbol of the earth's resilience and fragility. The bee revels in the clover flower, collecting nectar for the winter months ahead. Clover honey is nature's gold...

    Print Dimension: unframed 20 cms x 28 cms

    From the original canvas: 

    • Type: Mixed Media
    • Medium: oil pastels, oil paint sticks, copper gilt on canvas
    • Unframed Dimensions (cms): h: 40 w: 30 d: 2
    • Framed Dimensions (cms): h: 40 w: 30 d: 2