Artist:  Belinda Hunt

Dragonfly - Reflection (canvas)

It it also available as a limited edition print.

"Dragonfly - Reflection" Oils and gilt on canvas. Stretched, Ready to hang

240,00 €Price
  • Dragonfly - Reflection (canvas - unframed)


    Dragonflies are a lifelong fascination and passion -  their magic for me is based on their resilience and ability to adapt, as well as their iridescent beauty and skill as acrobats. For me they are transformational objects; totems for metamorphosis, something that folklore across continents has recognised.

    Dragonflies appear in art of the East and West and present a perfect muse for the artist wanting to explore textures, colours, shapes - given their myriad forms.

    • Type: Mixed Media
    • Medium: oil pastels, oil paint sticks, copper gilt on canvas
    • Unframed Dimensions (cms): h: 40 w: 30 d: 2
    • Framed Dimensions (cms): h: 40 w: 30 d: 2