Artist:  Belinda Hunt

Sea Change at Seaham

It it also available as a limited edition print.

"Sea Change at Seaham" Oils and gilt on board. Framed, glazed original

350,00 €Price
  • Sea Change at Seaham

    Sea Change at Seaham shows the tide swelling and crashing on the rocks and breakwater surrounding the lighthouse at the time of the solar eclipse. The lighthouse stands firm against the continual battering of the waves. The drama of the scene comes from the sheer size of the tide, relentlessly threatening to swamp the building. Whilst this work is specific to a particular location on the North Sea in County Durham, the image is more eternal and ubiquitous.

    • Type: Oil
    • Medium: oil pastels, oil paint sticks, copper gilt on board
    • Unframed Dimensions (cms): h: 42 w: 60 d: 0
    • Framed Dimensions (cms): h: 47 w: 65 d: 2