Artist:  Belinda Hunt

Serendipity - Red Stag in Clearing (1/25)

Limited edition signed print (run of 25)unframed 20 cms x 28 cms

"Serendipity-Red Stag in Clearing"Signed,Numbered,Limit.Edition Print(run of 25)

90,00 €Price
  • Serendipity - Red Deer in Clearing 

    This work depicts a beautiful occurrence in forests around the UK - that of coming across a lone stag in a clearing between the trees. What is enormously enervating is the flash of recognition and the consideration of fight or flight that the noble beast is processing in that moment when you come across him. There is a calm majesty to the beast; a stillness; an ownership of its own environment. 

    Print Dimension: unframed 20 cms x 28 cms

    From the original canvas: 

    • Type: Mixed Media
    • Medium: oil pastels, oil paint sticks, copper gilt on board
    • Unframed Dimensions (cms): h: 59 w: 42 d: 1
    • Framed Dimensions (cms): h: 65 w: 48 d: 2